Friday, October 24, 2008

Earnings season

Earnings season is upon us. May god have mercy?

On another note, what is up with Larry Kudlow on CNBC.

He has turned into a ranting, populist-elitist perma-bull. Or maybe I just never noticed he was a ranting, populist-elitist perma-bull. I am seriously sick of his responding to any market strategist with a rational, well thought out negative outlook with "CAPITALISM IS GREAT. AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD" and "but but but this and that". Then he'll turn around and defend executive compensation at companies that grossly underperformed compared to their peers (the elitist part of that populist-elitist equation). He seriously sounds like a child who got his ass kicked in fantasy football now listing the reasons why he should have won and not the other guy. Larry, I really respect your economics background but.. seriously..get a grip.

Another guy I can't stand is the one who looks like a lawn mower went down the middle of his head. Do you not look in the mirror? Are you trying to look like Dilbert's boss? Get rid of the reverse mohawk, you look retarded.

Lastly is the turd in the newsroom, the one with the glasses and the gigantic forehead that is even larger than Rihanna's, Dennis Kneale, who makes quite possibly the dumbest remarks I have ever heard in relation to finance. Where did they get this guy? He makes Maria Bartiromo seem like a financial Einstein.

More of Jim Cramer, less of the dummies. Amen.

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