Thursday, February 12, 2009

Only took the WSJ an extra month to realize this...

On January 10th I wrote: "The economy is like a massive pendulum, it does not stop on a dime. The boost to income (or as Larry Kudlow likes to say, massive tax cut) created by the precipitous decline in crude and gasoline prices has worked its way into the economy, possibly preventing a disastrous shopping season from being the apocalypse, but there isn't much meat left in gas prices, so further boosts to disposable income from gas are not happening."

On February 12th, the WSJ publishes: Falling Gas May Be Gone as a Stimulus -

Better late than never.

In other news, I've included a crude representation of what a real stimulus package would look like and what our current magical stimulus package is composed of. Its added in my tirade post.

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