Friday, April 10, 2009

Miles for Magazines and Newspapers

This past September I traded in stranded airline miles on American, US Airways, and Delta, all three of which I rarely fly and have no frequent flyer credit cards for, to receive six-nine month newspaper and magazine subscriptions. The conversion rate is excellent, for example, I received a 39 week subscription to the WSJ for 3,300 miles, worth $80.00 (discount rate). After reading these magazines and newspapers for 6 months I have to say...

not worth renewing:
ESPN Magazine (Garbage, stick to Sports Illustrated)
Gentleman's Quarterly (Disappointing, I'd read it if it were free)
Forbes (Complete bastion of yellow journalism in the business world)
Business Week (Another bastion of yellow journalism)
Inc (Good...but only for small businesses)

worth renewing:
The Wall Street Journal (Must have for good micro and macro perspectives)
The Economist (Must have for excellent macroeconomic perspectives)
Barron's (Must have, many excellent trading ideas, comprehensive manager performance tables across mutual funds, hedge funds, and commodity trading advisors)
New York Magazine (Nice to have, great reviews of local culture)
Conde Nast Traveler (Nice to have, interesting destinations, well written reviews)

The links for Magazines for Miles are:

US Airways:
United: None

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