Saturday, May 7, 2011

Silver-Mad Small Investors Fueled an Epic Rise and Fall

Silver-Mad Small Investors Fueled an Epic Rise and Fall:

Surprise, surprise, silver has fallen 30% in a brutal collapse since peaking on April 25th at ~$50.

History doesn't repeat itself, but it definitely rhymes: when Joe Schmoe is buying ABCD commodity like mad, and people are doing incredibly stupid things like buying ABCD in hopes of earning enough money to buy a home, it's usually time to sell and sell short: if retail is heavily invested there is no one left to buy.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Research in Motion: Another has-been

Research in Motion has long been a cutting edge innovator, heck I used their mobitex PC card modem line with an HP Jornada way before the blackberry was around.

Times are a-changing.

RIM's devices, even in its latest iterations, are good for little more than email.

It is a major PITA to surf the web with a blackberry.

BBM reminds me of two-way beepers, yeah they were cool and useful for a period of time, but then everyone got SMS.

Still, they have a hold on corporate customers much like how AOL still has a hold on senior citizens. In the end I expect them to be bought out by another cellular player (motorola perhaps), but only after a slow and painful death spiral that will see their market capitalization drop substantially.