Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple iBoard: A Device Apple hopefully will create in the near future

Apple already answered our all-in-one phone prayers with the iPhone, which was promptly copied by Android and Google.

Before the iPhone the all-in-one competitors were the Treo and the Blackberry ::shudders::.

The iPad reminds me of the PADD from Star Trek and is a logical evolution of the iPhone.

Next, I hope Apple tackles "Smart Boards." The typical smart board, in a classroom or office setting, runs a windows xp computer with junk interface software, no multitouch capability, and worst of all log on wait times of 5-10 minutes.

No one in our office uses our $10,000 smart board as a smart whiteboard, at best it's used as a projector. When two people are talking, and they need to write an idea on a white board, they are not going to pause the conversation and wait 5-10 minutes for the smart board to boot up.

Worse, once it boots up, only one person can write at a time! This makes it impossible to use effectively in a classroom setting where multiple students need to work out homework problems on the board!

The built in software is also abymsal in terms of enhancing productivity. There are also very few apps that take advantage of the large smart board touch screen capabilities.

Surely this is a device that Apple can work it's GUI, multitouch app, end-to-end magic on.

Many executives still thing anything Apple is a toy, intended only for consumption and not creation, and many students do not get exposure to Apple devices until they're teenagers.

This device has the benefit of winning mindshare in the classroom and the boardroom.

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