Saturday, February 11, 2012

Google (GOOG) should consider buying Adobe (ADBE)

Google ($200B Market Cap) should consider purchasing Adobe ($15B Market Cap). Maybe it's just wishful thinking...

Apple refuses to support Flash, and there is a massive amount of flash content on the internet. I personally use a number of websites for work that have applications developed in flash and love that I can access them on my phone and android tablet. The developers love how easily they can roll out updates to their flash based app.

Google could effectively cut off Apple from a large segment of internet content.

It's similar to how Microsoft was able to cut off Apple from the entire business community by making Excel and the Office Suite largely useless on the Macintosh OS.

Adobe's decision to abandon mobile flash is ridiculous. Tablet and phone CPU's are now reaching the speeds necessary to render mobile flash at the same quality as desktop flash.